29 for the 2nd time!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010 Anya 0 Comments

Where have I been? You might have thought you lost me or maybe you thought I was at the beach all day. I really should be at the beach all day! Funny how that is that when you can be at the beach you aren't really at the beach. Don't get me wrong...I'll take every opportunity to take a deep breath of that wonderful ocean air that makes the cost of living skyrocket here every day. I just don't get around to it much lately, which brings me back to the original question: Am I hiding with Waldo?

No, the truth is somebody just turned '30' recently and it wasn't Waldo!!! I'd like to say it was my 2nd 29th birthday and where else to party but in Las Vegas, am I right? Yeah I pretty much traveled from Dallas, TX to Las Vegas and then to Fresno, CA but more about that later.

Being sick in Vegas during my 30th (cough!) birthday party did to me what a missed episode of 'The Office' does. It bums me out. It's like being in Disneyland but not able to see Mickey.... I made it through and had fun. It was great to celebrate with the family and a couple of friends. I received this absolutely gorgeous mini birthday/wedding cake from Jean Philippe Patissserie in Las Vegas.

How pretty is this? Yeah, you want my friends? I don't blame you.. :)) So the question is, what to do now? Some people might say: "Oh don't eat it, too good to be eaten, too pretty to be eaten, bad Feng Shui to eat it"
Other's might say: "Don't save the great stuff for too long, make every day count, don't let the chocolate go bad, how can you not eat this?"

I'd love to hear whether you want me to eat it and let you know how it was or whether you want me to keep it as a keepsake and memory. Feel free to add a comment with your thoughts.....