23 weeks

Sunday, December 23, 2012 Anya 0 Comments

Christmas in Germany = Too much food!

People around me pointed out that they could see my belly grow during our 2.5 weeks in Germany. I have a feeling that has to do with the constant eating over the holidays. Mini W must have gotten a lot of nutrients and calories through those holiday weeks. We were invited and went from one cake tasting to another. (At least that's how it feels). The flight over to Germany went well considering that I'm pregnant. I did wear my compression socks as advised by the doc and while it's not all that comfy - better safe than sorry. By the end of the travel it was a little difficult to still sit in the small seats but it went much better than expected.

People started to point out  my bump in Germany - it must have been obvious enough for people to feel confident to talk about it. 

I started waking up at night with my hips hurting. While I would change the side it just made me wake up with the other side hurting. As I have found out in the meantime - this also was temporary - probably about two weeks or so. 

Traditionally people like to eat goose during the Christmas holiday and we enjoyed a very fancy goose meal at the restaurant T├╝schenbroicher M├╝hle in the city of Wegberg with the goose being partitioned at the table. First time for G. to eat goose - he liked it. :) (Not to mention the Knoedel and red cabbage!)

Got to see some of my friends, family and spent a whole lot of time with my family at home. Time that I treasure and memories that will not be forgotten!