Mount Soledad - San Diego

Thursday, January 27, 2011 Anya 0 Comments

The sun has been so good to us lately - it's been so good to us that I tend to forget that some of you are either freezing in Germany or in the Northern and Eastern parts of the US. It's hard to think of snow and cold when you are surrounded by palm trees and sunshine. Hey, I'm just here to share : D. I thought some of you might really like some sunny San Diego pictures for a change. One of these weekends we took a little trip to Mount Soledad to enjoy the sunshine and the view. It's a great place with great views all around La Jolla and Downtown on a clear day.

It's been our first time around here, which is crazy considering that I have been living here for years now. It's such a big city that i still find new things to discover. A great place to check out the views and relax. Little did we know that there was this ongoing controversy of the cross symbol being unconstitutional. Mount Soledad is a memorial for those who fought for the US during the wars and the wall around the cross features a beautiful individual plaque for each soldier with a picture printed on it. It's hard to imagine that such a wonderful and peaceful place is reason for this huge controversy but hey - we are just up here to enjoy the views and the sun.

I was able to take out my new photography bag for the first time. I will have to tell you about that bag later, because it's really sweet. Thank you H. for the gift! :)

I love cacti especially in the wild. How great are they? That is so different from anything that just grows in a German landscape which is probably why I'm so obsessed with them. I love to look at them, take pictures of them or paint them. 

What's the weather like where you are? Hey, send me your pictures - I like snow pictures too ;)