Baby Shower Diaper Cake

Saturday, September 10, 2011 Anya 0 Comments

I attended my first baby shower today and it was a really good time. The happy occasion was celebrated at Shakespeare's Corner Shoppe in the Mission Hills area of San Diego. It was the perfect location to celebrate our mommy-to-be Sarah who was born in England. The cafe area has a nice little store attached to it with all kinds of British goodies. I couldn't resist and finally bought a 'tea-egg'. :)

We were able to choose from an assortment of different teas which was splendid for a tea lover's heart. The old-fashioned British-style teapots and cups were adorable and it was a really good time.

I was looking for a good idea for a gift and came across some diaper cakes online that can be purchased. I figured it would be a nice project for me to make one myself and this puppy is the result:

Personally I love Burt's Bee's natural cosmetics line. I couldn't be more in favor of natural ingredients in lotions and cremes and it was great to see that they have a Mama Bee and a Baby Bee line for pregnant women and babies. I included some of those products and decided to go with kind of a bee-themed color scheme.

I think it turned out real cute. It was some work, no doubt - but I definitely learned a couple of things. In order to roll the diapers I would recommend to maybe use some elastic bands. I picked two different sizes of diapers (Newborn and 1) Next time I would choose different brands in order to make it easier to distinguish which one is which size. It's better to roll two diapers at a time in order to make the cake sturdier and fuller. (I started with only one and had to re-roll most of them again) I used one 40-count Size 1 package and a bigger box of newborn diapers. In order to put the cake on a sturdy bottom to carry it I picked a foam board. Turned out I wasn't the only one with the idea - two more diaper cakes rolled in...haha.

The Corner Shoppe on India Street was a great location for the shower and I would highly recommend it. (Parking is a little tricky) The service was great and there a lots of treasures from Britain to be found in the store.

A great afternoon with the ladies and a good time to get away from football for a bit and enjoy what the city has to offer. :)