17 weeks

Wednesday, November 07, 2012 Anya 0 Comments

I apologize for the delay in updates - I'm doing my best to take a moment from my constant food obsession to take the time for the pregnancy storyboard. I am thinking about food while I'm typing this.

Anyhow, the 16 weeks ultrasound went well - everything is looking very good - decent amount of movement which is something they want to see at this point.

Luckily the 'low-lying' placenta has moved up and is no longer a concern. (Yeah!) Baby's heartbeat was 153 and all the measurements so far looked good. Next ultrasound at 20 weeks will be the anatomy scan.

My favorite past-time is looking through cookbooks or online recipes currently. I can't go shopping without eating first. That's a rule in general but during pregnancy it's even more important if you don't want to buy the whole store. Needless to say that there are regulations currently since our fridge is still out of commission and we are operating with a 'Mini-Fridge'. Yes, it's Thanksgiving week and no - we don't have a Plan B. :) I guess we'll either cook very small amounts (mini-turkey) or will have to go to a restaurant.

My daily walks are not so daily anymore and I seriously slowed down. I'm doing great about half-way through and then it seems to become a struggle once it's uphill. Still want to keep up the walking though. No movements at the 17 weeks mark really. Could see baby move like crazy during the ultrasound and didn't feel a thing. Placenta seems to be anterior - which maybe is an explanation. Excited for the next ultrasound!!!