Deep Sea Fishing / Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Sunday, June 17, 2012 Anya 0 Comments

During the wedding weekend of our friends in late April we decided to try a Deep Sea Fishing trip. Never tried it before and I was a little anxious that I might get sea-sick. That has happened here and there but I have been mostly fine on earlier boat trips, however nothing compares to a rather small fishing boat on rather rough ocean waves. There was a discussion about visiting the ruins in Tulum instead but since they didn't offer the trip on Sundays we decided to join the group for the fishing trip instead. We both downed some motion sickness medicine right before we took off, however that might have been a little late for at least one of us. ;) The captain instructed us to stare at the horizon and don't go inside the boat should we have issues with sea sickness. (Ay Ay captain - I STARED at the horizon something fierce) So we took off...

It was a beautiful day (sun-screen needed and might not have it with me....yeish). The ocean just looked and smelled amazing - the boat was fast and somebody I know was lingering inside the boat's body.

The beer was cold and we girls had a great time. I decided to take it easy and stick with water though for my stomach's benefit. Didn't really know what to expect from the waves and decided to STARE at the horizon as much as possible. Not too many ladies took the fishing trip so we decided to stay strong. ;)

Soon after the first fish was caught. Happy times - quiet an experience I have to say and a lot of work for the crew and the one reeling it in. She did a great job.

My beloved husband had a severe case of sea sickness at this point and didn't enjoy the trip at all. It started with 'my stomach is really upset' and went downhill fast. He might have helped with the 'bait' and I felt really really bad for him. Hard to believe he had to pay money for this horrible experience.

He wasn't feeling well we all were super amazed about catching this bad boy. (Mahi-Mahi) What a color - very unbelievable. Hard work for sure but what an event. 

We were able to pose with those two 'babies' and plans were made to eat our catch at the hotel restaurant the same evening. Hubby had to pass after his sea sickness adventure and only wanted to go to bed and drink some water. :( I met with the girls to eat our catch and what a great time we had. 

This is the 'After' picture. They grilled the fish to perfection. I had never had Mahi-Mahi before but really liked it. This is also the first time what I had something that fresh out of the ocean and caught when I was on board. Pretty amazing. Something to cross off the list I guess. 

If your stomach is up for it - the deep sea fishing trip is a nice adventure. If not, you might want to stick with the pyramids in Tulum or just stay at the hotel bar. ;)

Ahh, how nice it is to go through memories after the vacation/trip is over...good times.