Happy Birthday, America!!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010 Anya 0 Comments

What a great party this has been. 4th of July in the U.S is one of those special holidays everybody is awaiting. A weekend full of relaxation, good food, lots of beach and (of course) fireworks!

I had all these grand plans this year of making my first real american apple pie with one of those artsy top decorations that look like the american flag. I guess that will have to wait another year since we have visitors in town. Granted it would have been great to introduce my german family to american tradition like good ol' apple pie, but hey - it's been pretty busy around here and honestly - we are having a great time with or without the pie. (Pie never hurts, though).

We spent the day fairly relaxed and mostly at home, it was one of those cloudier days after a real sunny beach day and everybody was exhausted but looking forward to the fireworks. According to the news more than 750,000 people were expected to watch the fireworks downtown and the usualy confusing on how where to park and how to get there erupted. We decided to head downtown fairly early and enjoy a nice dinner downtown before heading towards Seaport Village to watch the show. It turned out to be a fairly good plan - parking was only $10 in the cruise parking lot and we didn't have to walk far to get downtown. By the time we got back from the restaurant Seaport Village was already very crowded. People picknicking on the grass, bringing their lawn chairs and looking like they were camping down there. Kids with these crazy light toys and everybody eating, eating and eating.

The fireworks didn't disappoint this year and I was able to take my camera out and give fireworks photography my first shot. It went pretty well for my first trial (and having to hold the camera on my own). Granted my eyes kinda hurt afterwards from looking through the camera and my hands wanted to shake so badly. :))

Even though I'm not an American I'm very fond of these holidays and of course America's birthday. Already living here 3 1/2 years now it's all becoming more and more like home. The goal of course is to celebrate this holiday even more american next year. ;)

Happy 234th birthday America!!!