Bargain Hunting / LOFT

Monday, October 25, 2010 Anya 0 Comments

When it rains in San Diego, it's time to go to the mall! Am I right? Just kiddin' - it's always mall time, especially on Sundays when football is on. (I could do without the crowds though) It seems like either the recession is over at the mall or all the wife's and girlfriends are bored at home by their football-watching spouses and head to the mall. 

While I'm a big fan of bargain prices and making a good deal - I absolutely dislike the hassle of going through messy piles of clothes. It just doesn't attract me and most of the time the display of just messy piles drives me away more than the good prices could attract me. I am picky like that. I like clothes neatly stacked even if they are on sale....I like stores trying to sell them to me. Anyway - I found my way into LOFT yesterday, one of my new loves when it comes to clothes shopping. A lot of their line is exactly my style and I don't know whether this is because I just turned 29 for the second time. :)) I might have been pushed into a different target group now, huh? Naaah, I still like to shop around at 'Forever 21' although their messy piles and displays can turn me away soon sometimes.

I was delighted to see the 'take another 50% off' sale at LOFT. All nicely stacked and organized. Enough space available and you don't feel like you are garbage hunting. The experience turned even better when I found these two tops seriously reduced in my size.......that's what I call sale-heaven.


I found this pretty shirt reduced from originally $44.50 for $17.50!!!!

And this one from originally $36.50 for $15.00

Yeah, that pretty much made my day. There was talk that the Chargers missed the field goal or whatever..but no, seriously - I'm in love with LOFT.

It looks like they sold out of a lot of stuff on their homepage, so if you have a store nearby - go check it out. Great prices in the sales area and maybe you can still find something real cute in your size. Retail Therapy!!!