I'm back I got my first Stitchfix August 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015 Anya 0 Comments

Okay, I've been gone for a while. What happened was...I had a baby! Easy to see from my last post right after my little man was born. Turned out to be a little bit of a life changer and between sleep deprivation and the urgent need to shower more often blogging kind of fell off the band wagon. It happens. I'm sure most of you have moved on and I might just be talking to myself but I figured I will say 'Hi' and I'm still around and hope to get back to sharing interesting things about life in suburbia. :)

So now that the little boss is 2.5 I figured the sleep deprivation isn't really a good excuse anymore for my lack of style since he was born. Most days he sleeps pretty well now and it hit me...It's time to dress better. It is so easy to get sucked into the same old outfit and as comfortable as possible. That has suited me well with a newborn and a new walker but it's time to get it together and dress nice and feel better that way. One thing that is totally out of the question is spending tons of peace and quiet time touring the mall up and down. I just don't have time for that anymore. I found a lot of nice options online and was becoming more confident and happy with my new choices.

A friend mentioned this new service Stitchfix to me at a bridal shower the other day. I actually thought I had seen it on the Sharktank tv show a while back and was going to sign up but got distracted with mommy duties during the process and once that homepage was closed...I forgot about it.

The promise it pretty easy...Stitchfix is an online stylist service which delivers 5 outfit and accessory items to your doorstep. All items are hand-picked by personal stylist who looks at your Pinterest Style Board and checks your answers to a style questionnaire that you answer on their page. It is so convenient. I figured I will give it a try to see what they come up for me.

I received my first box in August and was so excited when I saw the package. One thing I learned the hard way is that I need to open this little box of happiness once the little one is in bed and I have plenty of time to try everything on in peace.

Every box comes with a little personalized note card from your stylist with explanations of what is in the box and tips on how to best wear and combine the pieces. Each item also comes with a style card with examples on how to put the outfit the together. Those cards are so helpful and I am keeping them even if I don't keep all of the items. I noticed that I mostly buy single items I like but have a hard time to put outfits together. I'm hoping that Stitchfix will help me become more stylish and can educate me on how to pair items together to create a great outfit.

My stylist for my Stitchfix #1 was Jamila. Here is what I got in my first box

1)Loveappella Saxby Scoop Neck Top

I really liked the striped top. The stripes weren't too big and it was super comfortable and soft. Unfortunately it was tight and fitted right around the biceps area and since I don't have the skinniest upper arms it was just too tight in that area for my taste. That was a real bummer since it is a really nice shirt otherwise. Sadly RETURNED

2) Market and Spruce Chaplin Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket
I asked for a military style olive colored jacket and received this cargo jacket. I went back and forth regarding this item. Loved the color and had specifically asked for a jacket with no hoodie and my stylist did a great job of including one that allows you to take the hoodie off. As much as I liked it however it felt like it might be a tad to warm for most of my Southern California days and for the price ($88) I was afraid I wouldn't wear it enough. It also was a little more boxy (probably due to it being warmer) than I would have liked. I prefer my jackets to be tailored. RETURNED after a lot of going back and forth.

3) Skies are Blue Cress Lace Inset Top
Lovely colored top in a nice shade of pink with lace application on the side. Unfortunately this item had a swing silhouette that I didn't like. It looked big in the back. Also not sure that I like lace in colors other than black and white so overall I decided to return it. Loved the color though...it was really close. RETURNED

4) Gilli Payson Maxi Dress
I love a good Maxi dress and mentioned this in my style profile. My stylist once again picked the right kind of item for me, just not one that I loved. The dress again fit fabulously and the material was super soft. Great quality item just not my style. The knitted detail in the back almost looked like big spiderwebs and I felt that it was overall a little more Boho-style than I like. Once again...very close though. RETURNED

5) Bancroft Filigree Layer Necklace
Nice little piece of jewelry but too expensive for something I though was just ok. Gotta love it to buy it. :) RETURNED

I didn't end up keeping anything out of my first box of 5 items but I loved the experience and fully expected it might take a little time to nail my style. I'm OK with that especially since it was so close. So while I didn't keep an item in August I loved the service and was already excited about the next box. Each time when you check out you can give detailed feedback about each item that you received so that your stylist will earn over time.

What I love about the service is that you can decide how often you want to receive a box (monthly, every other month or just for special occasions). You can leave your stylist a note for certain items you are looking for or if you are attending a special event. This makes shopping as a mom so much easier. In the meantime I already received my second box and I will blog about that one shortly. All I can say is....try it! I'm having tons of fun with it.

You can sign up to the service here using my referral code.

So much fun!