14 weeks

Friday, October 26, 2012 Anya 1 Comments

Finally a little relief regarding this constant 'morning sickness'. Or maybe I'm just getting used to it? The fact that I can brush my teeth calmly again without the need to hurry makes me happy. Took the opportunity and got a professional cleaning today also. Energy is back somewhat - still getting tired around 8pm but I'm ok during the day now. Hoping that all of the 'sick-feeling' will disappear in the coming weeks. As long as I don't wait too long with food I seem to be ok now.

As some symptoms go other's arise. Welcome sudden nose-bleeds and headaches, stuffed sinuses. I didn't know that a warm shower can trigger a nose-bleed but now i know better.

That pregnancy body-pillow is already a life-saver. (The peppermint life saver's are also the real deal).
I was asked straight-up whether I was pregnant the other day -which I think is still brave but I guess I can't deny it much longer, especially wearing tight clothes. ;)

A man offered to get me a basket at the grocery store for the first time ever and I have to wonder whether this is related to the size of my stomach or maybe just a very nice person. I was really surprised but also in a hurry to get my quarter watermelon to the cash-out. Really need my watermelon - however with just a mini fridge at hand, that makes it a little difficult to store anything.

Greg and I chose a pregnancy themed pumpkin for this year's carving. I feel that we should have won the contest with the cuteness, but 'the white pumpkin won again'. ;) Note to Self: Definitely carve a white pumpkin next year, they always seem to win.

Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. I love this idea and wish I had a blog and recorded my pregnancy this way.