Brownie Heaven

Tuesday, September 07, 2010 Anya 0 Comments

I entered Brownie heaven this weekend when I gave Ray Romano's Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownie recipe a try. Who would have known that a funny man can come up with such a heavenly brownie recipe. He probably has this from his Grandma' and it should really be 'Grandma Romano's Brownie recipe'. Or maybe he had a dream..... however he acquired this recipe - it's a real treat!

The brownie batter turns out very fluffy and moist. The raspberry adds a very nice hint of fruit, although mine were a little 'sour' when they first came out, but got better over night. I am looking forward to trying this with other fruit too. The white batter was meant to mix more with the brown batter...I have a feeling it could have to do with me using 'Light Cream Cheese' that it didn't mix as it should have. It doesn't look as pretty as it should have, but it looks all that delicious nevertheless. (Doesn't it?) I always try to exchange for low-fat ingredients if possible and of course this can take away from the taste here and there - not in this brownie though.

The last wonderfully in the fridge and I warm them up in the microwave for one minute when I feel like having a brownie. (Every day could/should be a Brownie day) Talking about this...I'm fairly sure my gym doesn't miss me. They are very happy with me paying without showing up. I'm so far from causing machine-wear to their treadmills..shame on me. ;) would I find these recipes for you if I was at the gym all day?