Dear Brody - 1 week

Monday, April 15, 2013 Anya 0 Comments


Wow - we are making it through the first week. What a shock to the system - but we are over the moon -very tired - but very over the moon.
Went to see your pediatrician and everything looks good. You weighed a little less which was to be expected for a breastfed baby a couple of days after birth but we were far from the usual 10% so you are already doing great. We are hoping for good measurements at the next appointment.

You love the car seat - just as most infants you fall asleep right away.

You hate diaper changes and cry up a storm. We try to keep you warm while we change you but it just doesn't seem to be one of your favorite things.

You started sleeping in the pack and play starting day 4 - before your dad and I took shifts to keep an eye on you all through the night and hold you. We were really nervous about you and your breathing after you spit up a couple of times in the hospital. They said it would most likely be amniotic fluid that is left over and it seems that was true since you stopped doing it here at home and we finally felt comfortable enough to put you in the pack and play next to our bed.

You have successfully marked your room multiple times already since me and your dad are still learning and tend to forget to cover your equipment during changes. You are teaching us! Aaah, the pit stops...

During the day you like to be held and prefer to sleep in mommies arms rather than the pack n play.

You became more alert already during your first week and started to 'try' to put your thumb in your mouth for soothing. You become frustrated when you can't get it back in there but it's amazing how fast you started this .

Your content face after you feed is one of my favorites. Here is a shot of your milk coma happiness (makes me happy!!)

Your skin is peeling and it sounds like this is a normal occurence for newborns. You had a little bit of a rash in the hospital that went away after a day or two.

Everything is so new and we find ourselves overwhelmed at times. We are trying to get used to you just as you are trying to get used to us and your new life outside the womb. We are happy this journey started and love you very much already!