14 weeks

Friday, October 26, 2012 Anya 1 Comments

Finally a little relief regarding this constant 'morning sickness'. Or maybe I'm just getting used to it? The fact that I can brush my teeth calmly again without the need to hurry makes me happy. Took the opportunity and got a professional cleaning today also. Energy is back somewhat - still getting tired around 8pm but I'm ok during the day now. Hoping that all of the 'sick-feeling' will disappear in the coming weeks. As long as I don't wait too long with food I seem to be ok now.

As some symptoms go other's arise. Welcome sudden nose-bleeds and headaches, stuffed sinuses. I didn't know that a warm shower can trigger a nose-bleed but now i know better.

That pregnancy body-pillow is already a life-saver. (The peppermint life saver's are also the real deal).
I was asked straight-up whether I was pregnant the other day -which I think is still brave but I guess I can't deny it much longer, especially wearing tight clothes. ;)

A man offered to get me a basket at the grocery store for the first time ever and I have to wonder whether this is related to the size of my stomach or maybe just a very nice person. I was really surprised but also in a hurry to get my quarter watermelon to the cash-out. Really need my watermelon - however with just a mini fridge at hand, that makes it a little difficult to store anything.

Greg and I chose a pregnancy themed pumpkin for this year's carving. I feel that we should have won the contest with the cuteness, but 'the white pumpkin won again'. ;) Note to Self: Definitely carve a white pumpkin next year, they always seem to win.

Happy Halloween!!!


12 weeks

Friday, October 26, 2012 Anya 0 Comments

Time flies! Especially when you are counting the weeks of your pregnancy. (I wonder whether I still say that towards the end of this pregnancy.)

Everything is moving along - I was hopeful that the nausea would have passed by week 12 but unfortunately that was not yet the case. In addition I got this interesting new symptom of lower back pain. I know, it's early  - but it seems like this was just temporary.

The highlight of week 12 was definitely the First Trimester NT Ultrasound screening. It's a scary appointment because they are taking measurements to assess the baby's risk of having Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities. Baby's with abnormalities accumulate more liquid behind their neck during a certain time in pregnancy and the clear space behind the neck is measured. Everything looks great and the blood test came back with good results also.

'Mini' was very sleepy and didn't move at first at all. The tech started pushing around on my tummy to wake the baby up and there was some movement to get a better position for the measurements. The switched the view to show the blood flow and it was very interesting to see. Heartbeat was fast and strong just like the first time but it slowed down to 166 in the meantime.

Still too early to determine gender but we'll hopefully be able to find out soon.


8 weeks

Friday, October 12, 2012 Anya 0 Comments

Yes, it's been a while and this post is kind of late in time. Nevertheless it's a happy post. Pregnancy is a whole new adventure and it's still a little hard to comprehend that this is actually happening.
I had my heart set on trying to take pictures every week/every other week and write down a whole lot about the experience, however 'morning sickness' has kicked my butt the last couple of weeks and taking pictures all of a sudden was not a priority anymore. I'm glad to say that now at 13 weeks things seem to ease up a bit, even though I'm still gagging a whole lot. I guess I have enough energy to post the first pictures and that's a good thing.

The first OB visit was such a sweet day for us. It's hard that we had to wait for weeks for the first appointment. It's kind of nerve-racking to not know what is going on and whether everything is ok. Due to all my sympthoms it's not like I was doubting there was a baby in there, however it still is a big relief to see the little soul on screen for the first time.

We were surprised and in awe about the detail at 8 weeks. The heartbeat was a big highlight of course and puts the nerves at ease a little more. It was noted that my uterus is oddly shaped....not by the tech but the midwife. I guess she is not used to seeing a German uterus around here. ;)

I'll post the 12 weeks update this weekend also to catch up with all those days on the couch. More to come.