Super Mario Wedding Cake

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Anya 2 Comments

My brother just got married in Germany and we are back from our vacation and my thoughts are rested enough (and I caught up with laundry) so that I can finally post a picture of this gorgeous Super Mario and Princess Wedding Cake that I ordered for the happy couple as a gift.

It's fairly difficult to order a customized cake like this in Germany. There are bakeries that decorate cakes to your liking, but most of the time they do have a book to choose from. The German traditional backing and cake decorating doesn't include the american wedding cake style and to find the perfect Nintendo cake or order it would be quiet a task back there. Most bakery owners tend to be older ladies and I doubt that they would know much about Nintendo. :) I also think people are less likely to spend outrageous amounts of money on a wedding cake - so the cake decorating business is not (yet) as big as it is in the States.

So after some searching and thinking I was able to find this mushroom style looking cake (one or multiple layers) and decided to couple it with a wonderful and hand-made cake topper that I had discovered during my search here in the US. The cake topper itself is not edible and so it will be a great memory for the bride and groom. It's hard to believe that it is hand-made and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I found Hilda and her store on Etsy and she did a marvelous job with this cake topper. Check out her store here if you are interested in something similar.