He's here! B's birth story

Monday, April 08, 2013 Anya 0 Comments

Our little baby boy was born on April 8th 2013 - I can't believe that he is already a week old at this point.

He was due on April 17th and decided to show up early. I was hoping my water wouldn't break in the middle of the night and he decided to start his journey on Monday morning at around 6:30am. I heard/felt two popping noises and noticed my panties were wet. It wasn't a whole lot though. Period like cramping started soon afterwards, but similar to what I have felt before so I stayed in bed. At one point I started to time when the cramping started and noticed a pattern of about 8 minutes apart. More water gushed out, again not a whole lot - I was expecting it to be more so I was still unsure but combined with the noise I heard I thought it might have been my water breaking. Called the OB and they asked me to come in. Looking back it's interesting that I had to sit in the waiting room for quiet a while with contractions and dialated to a 3-4 already. I guess they didn't know...cough.
Tested the liquid and it was indeed amniotic fluid. Checked me and I was at around 3-4cm. She sent us to the hospital but mentioned I could go home also for a while since it usually takes long for a FTM.

We decided to head to the hospital and I'm glad I did. I should mention that we stopped to get me a Jamba Juice (as lunch so to say). The recommendation was to eat 'light'. ;)
Checked in around 11:30am at the hospital with stronger cramping. It progressed way faster than I had thought though and they mentioned that the anesthesiologist had to attend a c-section first and would be back in about an hour and whether that was ok. I thought it was - considering that the pain was very similar to my monthly menstrual cramps at this point. It went to very strong pain fairly quickly though and even though the hour was over I tried to get the nurse back twice due to the pain. When they finally arrived they had the hardest time to set my IV. It took 5 nurses and two arms with multiple trials to set the IV and the pain was really bad by now. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get the epidural due to problems with the IV or just being past that point. I brought my little anti-stress-hand-star thingie that you can use to relieve stress. That star got a beating but by the end it did nothing for me, haha. It's a nice reminder though, so I'll keep it and it definitely kept me calm at the beginning.

It eventually worked and the epi brought on some sweet sweet relief. The doc that set it apparently asked me questions and recorded the answers to them, which I don't remember due to everything that was going on and mainly the pain, but Greg mentioned it to me. There are a couple things that I didn't quiet get at the time that were reported to me. Focus was definitely on pain management. They checked me and at this point I was at 7-8cmsThey gave me some time and a little after 4pm it was time to push. I pushed around 3 times but every time I pushed baby boy's heartrate would drop dramatically. All of a sudden I had the oxygen mask on my face without warning and that definitely got me anxious about what is happening. They had me try to push without the contraction but it still was a problem. Things had to be done quickly and a vaccuum was needed to speed things up for him and unfortunately an episiotomy. Doctor nicknamed him 'stinker' since he didn't cooperate as we had hoped. I'm glad it went ok since the word 'emergency C-section' was thrown around the room in the middle of the ordeal. Luckily it wasn't necessary after all. He was born at 04:50pm and I'm still amazed that it went that fast. The cord was all wrapped around him multiple times which explained why he was in distress when I pushed. Daddy got to cut the cord.

We are over the moon. Meet little Brody

7 pounds 15 ounces, 20.5 inches
arrived at 38 weeks and 5 days

His birth health code was a 9, I asked the nurse. :)
Head was 14 cm's.
Pediatrician commented on big feet first thing when he saw you! :) Which is funny, since my dad said the same thing when he first saw me 32 years ago. :)
Multiple test were performed during the course of the next 24 hours and we checked out of the hospital after 24 hours also. It was an overwhelming feeling to drive home with our little bundle and all of the stress and pain washed off of me all at once which made it an interesting first drive home but definitely a great memory lodged into our hearts forever. We are two happy new parents.

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