Dear Brody - 2 weeks

Monday, April 22, 2013 Anya 0 Comments

Brody bear,

Your mommy is still very emotional - going through the baby blues but loving you more every day.
We are finally finding a little bit of a rhythm after the first week that was really hard. The check-up with your pediatrician went well. You don't really like the doctor's office though. You are fine before and after, but while we are in there, you cry pretty much the whole time. They weigh you when you are naked, I'm sure it's cold and bright for you. Your weight went from 7 pounds 15 ouz. at birth, to 7 pounds 9 ounces after 5 days and 8 pounds 9 ounces after 11 days, which is really good according to doctor. He mentioned that he assumes that breastfeeding is going well. They typically expect babys to gain their birth weight back after 10 days and we are clearly above that. :) Breastfeeding success!

You lost your belly button leftover on 4/23/2013 after 15 days. You started being really fussy and/or gassy during this week and you seem to prefer the crib over the pack n play that we have you sleep in. For the time being it is going to stay this way since we want you to be in the room with us until you are at least 4-6 months if possible. You are growing so rapidly though that I'm not sure you will fit into the pack n play for much longer.

Your grandparents were with us this week and we were so happy that they could meet you. You took your pacifier for the first time this week when we introduced it after you cried for a while.
We are taking our first walks around the neighborhood - meanwhile you are mostly sleeping and don't really know yet that you have left the house.

You got your social security number and therefore your first letter addressed to you.

We tried to get your passport pictures done but didn't succeed, so we decided to take them at home. The instructions say that you have to have a neutral facial expression. I think we succeeded. :))

We'll try to get your passport shortly and applied for your birth certificate also.

All in all everything is starting to go a little smoother but we are still learning.