Sandcastle Competition

Friday, September 10, 2010 Anya 0 Comments

San Diego hosts the annual sandcastle competition which as far as I know is the biggest in the country. The event is held in Imperial Beach / Chula Vista - close to the Mexican border and in my fourth year here in San Diego I finally managed to go see it. There were a lot of visitors this year and traffic and parking was kind of a headache - no doubt.

It's really impressive what people can do with sand in very little time and while most of the castles weren't as big as I had imagined them, some were very artsy. The weather was absolutely gorgeous - we are so spoiled down here in SoCal.

The pier in Imperial Beach looked really pretty and we had a good work-out walking around all the sandcastles. There were vendors and a lot of food along the street.

While I really enjoyed the castles I still thought they were bigger and more impressive. Part of why they weren't bigger is that each team is assigned a couple of hours only and due to the tides the castles won't last too long. The time factor plays a big role I'm sure. For a very impressive and large castle you probably need more than just a couple of hours and a safe place on an open beach so that the castles will last. We have seen very pretty ones in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico before.

I am probably just underestimating this thing - I'm sure it looks much easier than it is. It looks like fun though and you can actually win money with your team in this competition.

Some companies worked on their logos - one of the local pest control companies for example was working on a giant sand mouse.

This really inspired me to give it a try and see how difficult this really is. I have been known to ruin one or two bikinis in my day during fun in the sand. It's not recommended to wear light colored bikini bottoms when sitting in the wet sand for a while. ;) Whenever my nephew is in town and we start building sandcastles with him he is interested for about 5 minutes and we end up building castles alone - must be a funny scene for by-passers who can't see a child around and probably wondering why grown people get so excited about building a castle. "Hey, I get carried away sometimes"