Marina Village San Diego

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 Anya 0 Comments

The weather turned and it started to rain again this week. Good thing that we had such gorgeous weather this weekend. While G. went sailing with friends at Mission Bay I attended a photography workshop by Val Westover at the Marina Village / Mission Bay here in San Diego.

It's finally settling in - I'm not quiet there yet, but I understand much more after this workshop and the settings are clearer. I took my first couple of pictures in full manual which is a big step. Wanted to share some of my shots with you.

It's absolutely brutal to read the manual that came with the cam and I have read my way through the dummy book that was released for my cam. It definitely helped - but with the instructions of this workshop it all kind of came together for me. Now I just need to practice more and think about the settings harder until it hopefully clicks.....:))

Hopefully this will send some sun and spring feelings to those of you in the colder areas of the country or Europe.

I did manage to cook up some interesting new things over the last couple of days, but was too busy to take pictures. We are moving here shortly and I expect that some of the more difficult cooking plans will have to wait until after the move.

California Love......