German Goodies!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 Anya 0 Comments

First of all - Happy New Year! I know - I know...I have been lagging with my posts lately but the holiday season was very busy around here. We were happy to have my friend Maike from Germany around just up to the holidays. She had a pretty hard time to get back to Germany with the weather chaos but made it back home for Christmas Eve. I had all these grand plans of baking cookies for not just us but the whole family. I wanted to pack everything neatly and send it out before Christmas - needless to say none of this actually happened. Instead I have been stressed with college, getting ready for multiple visitors at our home before and during Christmas and house hunting for a good deal whenever we got a chance in between. I actually managed to send out all the presents to Germany on time and also sent out Christmas cards. They weren't designed by me like planned and didn't include pictures, but that's one of the goals for next year I suppose.

Things are slowing down after the holidays and I started to get back in my flow and start cooking up a storm again. Aaahh, it feels good to be back in the kitchen and spend some time with new recipes. It actually relaxes me, it's something that I can fully concentrate on and it's like a time-out almost. I can't say the same about the mountains of dishes afterwards, but that comes with the joy of cooking I guess. I'm thankful for this dishwasher for sure!

I am so excited about todays delivery that I wanted to post about. I got a piece of Germany on my table today with the delivery from GermanDeli, an importer for german goods. I had a giftcard and couldn't wait to pick some of my favorites from the store.

The packaging is absolutely adorable! Seeing this I couldn't wait to get my hands on all the German goodies I miss so dearly. Among them and most importantly Thomy Mayonnaise which is produced close to my German hometown and stinks up the whole city. This is the best and therefore the only mayonnaise that gets my seal of approval. I recommend trying this stuff, even if you don't think you like Mayonnaise. It's just the best!!

If you haven't tried Backerbsen yet, you are seriously missing out on something. They are little baked pea-shaped snacks that you drop into your soup and they take eating broth-based soup to a whole new level - trust me! Aahhh - I'm a happy camper today and I think my parents are sending more this way - my little piece of home!

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